or what can be done in a few days with the "Open" libraries

(C) 2001 Jordan Tuzsuzov - |Mordred|

WHAT IS Mykro Planets :
Mykro Planets is a pure 1-st person multiplayer action shooter, but in space. It's not a space simulator, it's a free-movement game (like in classic shooters) without acceleration or inertia, with strafes in XZ plane (and strafe along Y axis). I know that it can be strange for space-sim fans, but in that case the game is much more dynamic and available for the wide public.
The game is absolutely portable to other processors and OS's, because it uses multiplatform APIs (OpenGL for 3D graphics, OpenAL for sound output and HawkNL (previously called OpenNL) for network). This set of libraries (for example) is much more portable and compatible than DirectX, which is available only for MS Windows based systems.
The game is coded 100% in C (not C++), and you can compile it with MS VisualC++, LCC-Win32, DEV-C++ and other compilers for Win. I don't know how it must be compiled for other OS's ;) If someone wants to port the game to other operating systems, please let me know the results.
I don't have an idea how the source code must be distributed, but I have only one requirement :

I don't think the game needs many screenshots to be presented (hehe). This one must be enough :

The game requires small P2 machine (maybe less than 266MHz is enough) but with OpenGL graphics accelerator. You can use even your old Voodoo Rush for that :). For network - TCP enabled LAN. For first time you start the game, disable sounds and fullscreen for better compatibility.

Control the direction with the mouse. Move forward/backward with the 'up' and 'down' keys, and strafe left and right with 'left' and 'right' arrow keys. Hold the 'Ctrl' key, and use the 'up' and 'down' arrows for strafe up and down. Fire with the left mouse button, and respond (when someone kills you) with the right mouse button.
CREATE SERVER FOR MULTIPLAYER IN LAN : Click the 'CREATE' button, and wait for the others
CONNECT TO THE RUNNING GAME IN LAN : Click the 'JOIN' button, and enjoy the game. Maximum number of players is 8.

MANUAL CREATE SERVER FOR MULTIPLAYER : Click the 'Create Game' button, and tell to the others your IP address. Than click OK and wait :)
MANUAL CONNECT TO THE RUNNING GAME : Enter the IP address of the server (without the port !) and click the 'Join Game' button. Maximum number of players is 8.
EXAMPLE : Someone creates a game from machine with IP address In IP field shows
The client must enter in IP field and clicks the 'Join Game'.
Usually IP addresses in LANs are 192.168.0.xxx, thats why in IP address field is already filled 192.168.0. (in most cases multiplayer games are running in LAN).

Download the game (for Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000) HERE.
Source code of the game here.
The actual version is 1.1 alfa. In this release, the JOIN LAN GAME and CREATE LAN GAME optioans was added (withoit entering the IP address of the server). Maybe this will be the last one, except if someone wants to continue development of the project, or if there is a big interest for continuing the game (but in this case better look at the HOW THE GAME WAS CREATED section below).

Now I'm working at Dimension Design AG - a small, but creative company in graphics design, multimedia, 3D processing and VR programming. This game was created as a demo, in which we can easily test basic network and sound coding (with HawkNL and OpenAL libraries respectively) for our amazing new game (it's a space battle tactic action, with absolutely new fundaments of gameplay). Of course don't expect a game like MykroPlanets (!!!) We hope this will be the best multiplayer game, because we create it without any compromises - exactly as we imagine the perfect game for many people.
MykroPlanets was created for less than two weeks just by one person (me:) and maybe it's just a demo. The fact that I like to play it, isn't important ! No one is expected to accept it as a real game.

Trademarks : all trademarks posted here are ownership of their respective owners : OpenGL - SGI, OpenAL - LokiSoftware, HawkNL - HawkSoftware, MS Windows, DirectX - Microsoft corp.

(C) 2001 - Jordan Tuzsuzov - |Mordred|